Cover For CD

-EN- Create a complete scene with materials found on the web but none term original mind as seen in this work pd: it was only by creativity, not to deadmau5 released a new cd haha -ES- Cree, una completa escena con materiales encontrados en la web, pero que ninguno se ve originalmente como termino en…


-EN- Logo for company dedicated to the rental of oxygen equipment, my logo presented by the company “” was approved and used by the company. -ES- Logo para empresa dedicada a la renta de aparatos de oxigeno, mi logo presentado a través de la empresa “” fue aprobado y utilizado por dicha empresa.

Insect created with triangles

-EN- College work, where we were asked to recreate an insect triangles, mine was an Ecuadorian beetle, my rate was the maximum and received high marks from all judges -ES- Trabajo para la universidad, donde se nos pidio recrear con triangulos un insecto, el mio fue un escarabajo ecuatoriano, mi calificacion fue la maxima y…


-EN- Flyer for music event, which was conducted via the Internet where a tribal issue which was to be had respect   -ES- Flyer para evento de musica, que fue realizado via internet donde se tenia un tema tribal el cual se debia respetar.

Illustrating selected fruit

-EN- College work, which I was assigned a fruit which I had to make realistic and create an exact copy of the previously selected fruit, this work was classified with the maximum score and welcomed by teachers of subjects and different semesters -ES- Trabajo para la universidad, el cual se me asigno una fruta a…

Branding and social Kit for personal trainer

-EN- Create a trend through a hashtag “#teamdelon” where they seek to attract more customers to the company when the company resivi the proposal was blank, and we had to create a branding that was nice and not lose focus   -ES- Creé una tendencia a través de un hashtag “#teamdelon” donde se busco captar…

Logo for photographer Games

logo for a photographer and editor, a game called “secondlife” when I get my wanted to represent the number 1 and a portion of the Unicorn … so are the end result